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Solara EV Charger app lets you find all the nearest Solara EV charging stations quickly and book them at a convenient time for you. The application also simplifies the payment process by automating and making it online.

By registering and entering the EV ChargePoint app, you can search the nearest fast charging stations on the electric car charge station map, find charging stations and book. The stations are equipped with Type 1 (J1772), Type 2 Mennekes, CHAdeMO\Tesla, CCS1\CCS2, GB/T and Type 2 ports and are capable of charging an electric car from 7 to 60 kW.

You can also visit the Tesla salon, which displays Tesla car models. Address: RA, Kotayk, c. Proshyan, G. Chaushi str. 1st lane 3:



Chargers on map

Charging stations are located in different parts of Yerevan and in different regions to ensure the movement of electric vehicles throughout all of Armenia. The application has a built-in electric car charging station map that reveals the locations of the nearest Solara EV Charger charging stations. The EV charge point app is also equipped with a navigator that will show you the shortest way to the chosen station.


You can search for stations by the power and the type of charging port through special filters, selecting the parameters you need. You can also choose the percentage of charging needed inside the fast charging app, and the program will automatically show the estimated time, cost and increased range of the car at a certain tariff and power of the charging point.

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