The beginning of the warranty period starts from the moment of bilateral signing of the delivery-acceptance document on handing over the vehicle to the Buyer.

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The seller provides a guarantee for the technical maintenance of the vehicle for a period of 1 (one) year.

Warranty terms apply only in the country where the Seller is located.

Warranty service includes:

  •  regular inspection
  • inspection and replacement of lubricants, fluids and corresponding filters
  • antifreeze fluid level check and addition works
  • wheel gap and other checks
  • Inspection and replacement of headlight bulbs and bulbs of other electrical equipment


If the malfunction of the vehicle is the reason for the malfunction of such parts, which are covered by the warranty conditions, then the Seller will provide free towing services within the borders of Yerevan to deliver the vehicle to the Seller's service center.



The warranty does not cover the need for repairs and adjustments caused by improper use (racing, overloading), negligence, modification, alterations, tampering, incorrect adjustments or repairs, or accidents. The warranty does not cover cosmetic corrosion, surface damage from grit, environmental impact (acid rain, lightning, hail), or other causes.

The buyer is responsible for keeping the relevant documents. In the case of the seller's request, it will be necessary to prove that care has been taken.
Engine/computer adjustments, fluid replacement, filter replacement, and windshield wiper blade replacement are all part of routine maintenance.

The Seller is released from the warranty obligation if the fault or defect is not of a manufacturing nature or when the vehicle has traces of external interference, if the vehicle's stamps, seals, serial number labels, or other signs affixed by the seller are broken, there is mechanical damage, the damage is caused in the event of loss or theft of the vehicle due to the ingress of foreign substances, objects, liquids, or natural disasters, or due to the failure of proper maintenance by the buyer.

In the case of the replacement of components covered by the warranty, the warranty period extends to the warranty period for the replaced component.


The buyer is responsible for the proper management, use and care of the vehicle.

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Required to apply for warranty service

  • a clear description of the problem and the reasons that led to the problem
  • vehicle model and the date
  • vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • running
  • the date of purchase of the vehicle