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Tesla car service center operating in the specialized car showroom of TESLA ENERGY provides full range maintenance of Tesla electric cars.

Our highly qualified, overseas-trained professional team provides comprehensive maintenance of Tesla vehicles, from minor technical malfunctions to Tesla car repair.

Electric vehicle service, including tesla electric car repair is carried out in a short time and on affordable terms, strictly adhering to the announced deadlines.



  1. Replace the cabin air filter every 2 years in Model 3 and Model Y, and every 3 years in Model S and Model X.
  2. Replace the High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter every 3 years, if there is one.
  3. Replace the A/C hose in Model 3 every 6 years, in Model Y every 4 years, in Model S and Model X every 3 years (2 and 4 years, respectively, in the case of Model S and Model X produced in 2012-2020).

To book a visit or to order tesla auto parts, you can also call +374 44 551 111 or simply visit the Tesla showroom.

Tesla Car Diagnostics.png


Price: 50,000 AMD

Tesla Car Radar Calibration .png

Radar Calibration With Old Radar

Price: 125,000 AMD

Tesla Car Radar Calibration With New Radar.png

Radar Calibration With New Radar

Price: 200,000 AMD

Tesla Car Steering Calibration.png

Steering Calibration

Price: 75,000 AMD

Tesla Car Charging Port Calibration.png

Charging Port Calibration

Price: 50,000 AMD

Tesla Model S Doors Calibration.png

Model S Doors Calibration

Price: 30,000-50,000 AMD

Tesla Model X Doors Calibration.png

Model X Doors Calibration

Price: 50,000 AMD

Tesla Car Model X Spoiler Calibration.png

Model X Spoiler Calibration

Price: 50,000 AMD

Tesla Model S - Model X Battery Testing.png

Model S/Model X Battery Testing

Price: 50,000 AMD

Tesla Door Glass Calibration.png

Door Glass Calibration

Price: 30,000 AMD

Tesla Car New key Addition -no key-.png

New Key Addition (no key)

Price: 150,000-500,000 AMD

Tesla Model S Second Key Addition.png

Model S Second Key Adding

Price: 150,000 AMD

Tesla Car Suspension Calibration.png

Model S/Model X Pneumatic (air) Suspension Calibration

Price: 75,000 AMD

Tesla Car AC system full refill.png

A/C System Full Refill

Price: 25,000-50,000 AMD

Tesla Car Valet Mode.png

Turning Off the Valet Mode

Price: 50,000 AMD

Tesla Car SIM Card Installation - Activation.png

SIM Card Installation & Activation

Price: 120,000 AMD

Tesla Car Modem Installation - Activation.png

SIM Card & Modem Installation & Activation

Price: 320,000 AMD

Tesla Car Reprogramming .png

Redeploy - Car Reprogramming

Price: 50,000 AMD


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