Tesla Energy Electric Car Showroom opened

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The TESLA ENERGY car showroom has opened on the left side of the Yerjan-Ashtarak highway, where all models of world-famous Tesla electric cars are offered.

This initiative was launched thanks to the active efforts of SOLARA, one of the leading solar energy companies in Armenia with its  US-based strategic partner LA SOLAR GROUP.

Tesla electric cars imported from primary and secondary markets are presented in the car show, for which a 2-year or 50,000 km warranty is given.

According to SOLARA General Director Hayk Petrosyan, electric cars are gradually gaining a stable position in the world car industry. "Along with the development of renewable energy, we have initiated a process, which will result in the development of environmentally friendly cars in Armenia. Everything that we have set out around our vision, from the idea to the realization, is being implemented in a fast-paced way, one of which is to become the reality of the world's leading electric car showroom. We have made the Tesla electric car available in our country. "For the development of Armenia's economic stability, we need to focus even more on innovation and the use of world-leading technologies," said SOLARA CEO.

There are many conditions for buying a Tesla electric car: one-time, installment payment options, pre-ordered leasing.

As a result of its exclusive cooperation with ACBA Leasing, TESLA ENERGY offers unprecedented favorable conditions for purchasing electric cars through leasing. Leasing terms are available to both individuals and legal entities. Leasing of legal entities is provided in AMD, USD and EUR. In Euro, starting from 2% annual interest rate, and provided to individuals only in AMD, starting from 11.5% per annum, with a repayment period of up to 84 months.

In order to raise the development of "green" - innovative technologies in Armenia to a new level, ACBA Leasing years ago created the "Green Leasing" sub-brand, one of the directions of which is the financing of electric cars. Today we are launching a new exclusive partnership with Tesla Energy, which will allow anyone to purchase Tesla electric cars through ACBA Leasing. "Thanks to ACBA Leasing, individuals can make only a 10% down payment, purchase a Tesla electric car in our country, and make the remaining repayments within 7 years," said Aghasi Gasparyan, General Director of ACBA Leasing.

Complex maintenance services for Tesla electric vehicles will be provided by specialists trained abroad at the service center operating in the "TESLA ENERGY" complex.

Jacques Antonyan, Director of TESLA ENERGY, is confident that the number of visionaries in Armenia will increase in a short time, and that eco-culture will register another victory. "All Tesla models are available in our showroom. And there is a large center for maintenance, equipped with all the latest equipment. A 6-month warranty is provided for vehicles that have been serviced. We offer perfect conditions for the purchase of Tesla electric cars, their spare parts, as well as maintenance. We offer the best and most profitable options for the users of our services, ”said director Jacques Antonyan during the opening of TESLA ENERGY showroom.

TESLA ENERGY showroom has SOLARA EV CHARGER electric charging stations, where it is possible to freely charge all types of electric cars.